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Faith and Work Organisations

Postado por Roberto Marques,

Faith and Work Organisations:              
FiBQ (Faith in Business Quarterly) -
CABE (Christian Association of Business Executives) -
LICC (London Institute for Contemporary Christianity) -
Transforming Business -
MODEM (Voice of Leadership, Management and Ministry) -
ICF (Industrial Christian Fellowship) -
Cambridge Theological College -
Avodah Institute -
Faith And Work Project -
Faith in Workplace -
Global Havest Ministries -
God At Work -
Grupo Bíblico Universitário de Portugal -
In The Workplace -
Inside Work -
International Coalition of Workplace
Ministério Pescar -
Movimento Fé e Trabalho -
Faith And Work Moviment -
Corporate Church -
Faith & Work Iniative/Princeton University -
Laura Nash/Havard University -
International Faith & Work Directory -

We encourage you to explore their websites to discover the wealth of activity going on.

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