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Organizações FÉ & TRABALHO

Postado por Roberto Marques,

Faith in Workplace.
Faith And Work Life.
Faith And Work Project.
God At Work.
Global Havest Ministries.
FiBQ (Faith in Business Quarterly).
CABE (Christian Association of Business Executives).
LICC (London Institute for Contemporary Christianity).
MODEM (Voice of Leadership, Management and Ministry).
ICF (Industrial Christian Fellowship).
Cambridge Theological College.
Grupo Bíblico Universitário de Portugal.
International Coalition of Workplace Ministries.
Ministério Pescar.
Faith & Work Iniative/Princeton University.
Laura Nash/Havard University.
International Faith & Work Directory.
Believers In América.
Christian Chamber of Commerce (ICCC).
Fellowship of Companies for Christ International (FCCI).
Marketplace Christian Network.
We encourage you to explore their websites to discover the wealth of activity going on.

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